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Here are links to some of my favorite strips. Please use the banner at the bottom of this page to link to this site.

The Boondocks

One of the freshest comics around and - believe it or not - loved by white people too, including me. I've loved this strip since it first appeared in The Daily News and even had the pleasure of meeting Aaron McGruder last year. Racist? Not at all. Controversial? Sometimes. Funny? Definitely. I think that the best thing about the "controversialness" of this strip (ie. tackling relevant issues) is that Mr. McGruder shows more than one side of the issue - and often so fairly that it's hard to tell which side he himself is on.

Calvin and Hobbes

Without a doubt, this is the comic strip that made me (and many others) love comic strips. Maybe the passage of time has glossed it up in my memory, but I think that it's one of the best strips ever. If you've never read it, you should (but you probably already have).


Though some might disagree, Zits is consistently well-drawn and well-written. Maybe my being a white, middle class teenager (well, I still feel like a teenager anyway) like Jeremy helps, but I think that it's usually pretty funny.

For Better or for Worse

I think that the best thing about this strip (besides that it's always drawn and written well, of course) is that the characters age in real time. I remember when Michael and Liz were bickering teenagers, I remember when April was born, I remember when the dog died... Character continuity like this is rare in any serialized medium, and it makes this strip all the more special because it makes you feel like you actually know the characters.


In a way, Foxtrot is is to computer nerds the way The Boondocks is to hip-hop in that you need to be a nerd to get some of the jokes. I haven't missed one yet. Thankfully, Foxtrot doesn't rely too heavily on nerdy Jason, the youngest sibling of the Fox family, for all of the jokes, and thereby avoids the early-Simpsons problem of basing too many of the jokes on one character (I meant Bart, but later seasons can arguably be accused of focusing tons of time on Homer).

Get Fuzzy

This strip is drawn extremely well and it is pretty funny, although many of the jokes end up getting based around the wild Bucky (the cat, see Foxtrot/Simpsons), with Satchel (the dog) and their owner reacting to his actions. Personally, the strip is usually funnier when Bucky isn't the main focus of the jokes, but it's consistently funny anyway. I actually took that part of this strip into consideration when I came up with Bug & Robot because it made me realize the threat of having every strip being Robot reacting to Bug's wacky actions. Because it's about pets, Get Fuzzy sometimes gets lumped in with the likes of Heathcliff and Marmaduke in The Daily News on Sundays, but at least one of the strips on that page is funny.

Rose is Rose

The homely themes of this strip might seem in direct opposition to the potty humor of Bug & Robot, but the artwork is some of the best around, especially the beautifully colored Sunday strips.

If I missed something you like or you're just looking for something different, check out this site. You'll probably find most of the strips you like here.

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